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Juventus Ingin Datangkan Emerson Palmieri

Milan general manager Adriano Galliani sounded confident that his club could sign Ronaldinho at the end of an evening spent in a restaurant in Spain following the lengthy negotiations which took place during the day.

Galliani was supposed to spend last evening at the Botafumero to celebrate the signing of Ronaldinho, but since a deal was not reached with the Blaugrana, he ended up at the Casa Jacinto restaurant, hoping that today will be the final day of negotiations.

“If Barca does not see our offer to be adequate? We leave towards Milan, but I doubt that Ronaldinho will go to play at (Manchester) City,” responded the general manager confidently to the Catalan journalists.

This morning a decisive meeting will be held, but during the night Galliani tried to contact president Silvio Berlusconi to define the terms of the last Rossoneri’s offer which could pave the way for Ronaldinho’s arrival.

The Rossoneri’s interest in the two-time World Player of the Year has had its ups and downs over several months now, but they finally appear to be on the verge of a move, with Chelsea disinterested due to his loss of fitness and Manchester City not an established enough clib despite their riches.

Glenn Debattista

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